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I’ve founded, CEO’d, chaired or been one of the original investors and backers in over 75 digital and technology companies around the world. My main focus is in the fintech, crypto, health and wellness sectors, as well as in SaaS, marketplaces and on data analytics. 

I founded groundbreaking fintech company, Wonga and helped to co-found SME banking startup, Tide.
I’ve had the privilege of working with many great Founders from the earliest of stages onwards and I continue to invest very early with the next generation of entrepreneurs to help them – always with real skin in the game. I work together with the Founders of the startups I invest, often assisting them to optimize their product roadmaps and funding strategies. 

I’m a Founder myself – with the scars to prove it – not an institutional VC. My investments typically come together with a lot of help – and I always try to keep things real. I sometimes describe my approach as Riding Shotgun.

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